Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I really co-own an island in the Bahamas?

Yes! Together with our legal team in the Bahamas we have a structure in place which enables to tokenize ownership of real estate. In this case we talk about a private island! We have the possibility to whitelist a wallet. Officially you will be registered as a “non-voting” owner of this Bahamian trust fund. Since we integrate the DAO direct to the funds that are collected you have a voting right about the funds of this DAO.

Where does Crypto Island Group come from?

Back in April 2021, a group of 4 Dutch crypto enthusiasts came together with the objective to build a community which accepts crypto space and decentralisation as a new way of living. After lots of research and development, Crypto Island was created with a goal to buy a private island and implement the new ways of living.

The Bahamas- a crypto friendly country, was chosen as the perfect place to incorporate the company, continue the project and buy the first private island.

Where are the funds from Juicebox going to be stored?

We are using a Gnosis Safe wallet that has 10 signers (pre-launch). The signers have been selected from our core contributors and trusted people.

Who are the signers of the multi signature wallet?

The publicly known team of Crypto Island together with some of the biggest participants and funders of this DAO will have an authority to sign for a transaction. As soon as we reached our goal, we will have in total 10 members who can sign the Multisig.
Currently we only share the key holders who are the founders of this project.
In the future, we will share the other key holders, as a safety feature.

How many votes are required to move funds with the multi signature wallet from Gnosis?

To move the funds it needs a minimum of 70% of the signers will need to agree.

The moving of funds will only be done when the DAO authorize a transaction after voting.

What if we raise more than the goal of $35 million dollars?

The price of the island we are planning to buy is set at 35 million dollars, however if we raise more than this amount, we have set already aside two other options of Islands with our real estate agency MCR Real Estate which are priced above 35 million, but before going for these options the decision will be made by the members of the DOA by vote.

What are my voting rights when I participate in the Crypto Island DAO?

The DAO plays an important role in decision making, such as the Island locations and decisions regarding funds that are raised with the DAO.If we raise more than expected for the purchase of the island, after the closing of the crowd funding, then the participants can decide and vote on the direction of exceeded funds, such as if they will be used for development, construction, marketing. The proposals will be presented in the form of a vote by the board members to the members of DOA to cast their votes.

What are the rights of visiting as a Crypto Island Community member in the Bahamas?

All the participants of the DAO have the right to visit the island during the day.Since we be starting with 1 island, we will be using a timesharing app in which you can plan your stay or short term visit. It all depends on availability and bookings. The apartments will be guided by a third party and the cost to stay will be as low as possible to provide easy access for all members of Crypto Island.
Those who work on the Island either as a volunteer or with a working permit, will be able to stay for a longer time period. You can apply on our B2B page to start a company on Crypto Island Bahamas.The board members will make sure that Crypto Island will be safe and secure for all the members. (These board members are also chosen by the island members themselves.)

What are the benefits of joining Crypto Island DAO?

As well as the voting rights regarding the funds that have been collected for the purchase of the island, you will also receive a free lifetime membership of Crypto Island Group. When you participate in this DAO with $750 USD or more you will upgrade to a silver membership from of a bronze membership.
This means that you will have the same voting rights as the biggest investors in our own currency. Our currency ($CISLA)  will fund the development, sustainability and will be an affordable way of life for the people visiting and living on Crypto Island. By joining the DAO, you immediately gain entitlement to extra voting rights for  further developments and funds that are used for Crypto Island.
 Since this is a community driven project our vision is to switch the project into a completeDAO from  Q1 of 2022 by combining the DAO holders with the currency holders in one fully transparent organisation.More information on this is coming soon.

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