Crypto Island DAO; Launch incoming

Posted on JANUARY 4, 2022 by Crypto Island

The idea of a decentralized island is amazing, but how do you govern it?
Decentralized of course, that is why the DAO is so important and such a massive breakthrough in both this project and the world in general.
With the purchase of the island coming closer and closer with people all over the world, the DAO system will make it so everyone, everywhere can vote at anytime. Timezones, locations, amount of time, safety and so much more is protected through this system, it will change the world. The DAO and it’s partnerships are going to be the primary voting body, it will be what makes the community decide what is done. Everyone that wants it can have a decentralized voice and opinion with no fear this way!

Crypto crowdfunding

With the launch date set on January 17th, the launch of the Crypto Island DAO is just 2 weeks away. This DAO will function mainly as a crowdfunding for the purchase of Little Whale Cay in the Bahamas. With participating in the DAO you will become a co-owner of the island. Both the crowdfunding as well as the DAO are being held through Juicebox. The structure of this DAO will be a very simple one as the participants have a say in the purchase part of the island. $CISLA will be the regulatory part in regards of the topics regarding the operations and development of the island. 

With our goal set to raise $35,000,000 for the purchase of Little Whale Cay our goals are very straight forward. By participating through Juicebox you will be rewarded with $PALMTREE tokens based on the size of your contribution. Contributing in the DAO has no minimum, but every level of contribution comes with its own extra benefits. For more information on that part you can easily visit

Decentralization is the focus

 I know many people fear the idea of a program or machine running the operations, however, we are the ones to give in instructions through the DAO. It completely removes human error and corruption with its controlled system, and since its transparent for all to see, if there is a bug or error in the code, it will most certainly be found!

Crypto Island is aiming to make the whole operation decentralized in any way it can, from its currency, votes, operations to the full decision-making!
The DAO is the first step to assure corruption free control and direction over not only a whole business, resort, government but everything involved!

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