$CISLA: A brief introduction to the currency

Posted on JANUARY 4, 2022 by Crypto Island

Financial stability is very important for human survival. We earn money in different ways and still seeking new methods to sustain our needs and wants. We devote far too much time and effort to achieving a certain level of financial freedom. $CISLA could make all these things possible.

Decentralization appears to have the ability to change people’s perceptions of financial freedom significantly and the present cryptocurrency space looks to be responsive to substantial developments and technical breakthroughs. With any other nation legalizing the usage of digital currency, Crypto Island with 23,000 $CISLA holders at the moment appears to be well-positioned to disrupt the traditional blockchain structure with its innovative and unique system that allows every member to co-own an island in the Bahamas, build a business and enjoy a lot of great benefits. Crypto Island is one of the leading catalysts of the blockchain evolution by establishing the “World’s First Decentralized Private Island,”.

A one of a kind currency

Money is important and the way money is used, invested, made grow, spend and earned is changing more and more every day.
$CISLA as a currency and the only currency of Crypto Island is not just one of the thousands of crypto currencies out there. 
It will be the very first alt coin being used on a society wide operation that’s fully focused on decentralized living and tokenizing ownership of assets. As a currency, there are a lot of convenient and profitable reasons for it, for people, governments and businesses.
The top for each, first being profit, is holders gain reflections and those add up faster than you may think, every transaction puts a little in your pocket. As for convenience, all the taxes in it are controlled by the community. With each transaction a certain percentage is being distributed to different purposes like the maintenance of the island or marketing. All being done in an automated way so there is no administrative hassle for the community.

Full transparency

 Besides the facts stated above, Crypto Island is a project with huge ambitious and very possible goals, with $CISLA making the ecosystem on and off the island secure, tax friendly and so much more, this isn’t just a currency for Crypto Island, this is the example of how the future can and will be, Crypto island is doing it first and right!

With more and more hacks taking place in this digital Era, the need for transparency is getting bigger by the day. With $CISLA being a complete operable token on the blockchain, everything is focused on providing the greatest transparency out there. Every transaction done with $CISLA is visible for everyone through the blockchain and Crypto Island is taking it up a notch by being a fully community driven project. This means that every decision regarding the currency is being voted on by the holders itself making it the most transparent crypto currency available at this moment.

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